The 2 Gordon’s present a 2-part travel special with interviews from The Hague, Athens and Budapest.  In the absence of a collective noun for whisky ambassadors let’s just say there is a glug of them here with Connal from Ardnamurchan, Shilton from Milk and Honey, Celine from Elixir, Ciara from Isle of Raasay, Alex from Compass Box and Scott from Tomatin along with Distillery Manager Iain from Glen Scotia!  Plus, Peaty Pete features in Listener of the Month who was also on his travels in Scotland!    Slainte`


The 2 Gordons take on the theme of NEW!  Interviews with Asko Ryynanen, Master Distiller at Valamo.  Nick Binderer from Slyrs Distillery, and Dave Cummings the 50-year-old whisky virgin.   There's the Innovations in Whisky Quiz and the 'You Have Reached Your Whisky Destination' challenge and plenty of whisky chat all around the theme of New. The Tamdhu Cigar Malt and The Lindores Cask Strength Bourbon Barrel release are tasted.  Slainte`.

The 2 Gordons bring you Royal Special in the week of Queen Elizabeth's sad passing.  Royal connections to the world of whisky past and present are discussed.  We also visit The Cotswolds Distillery to meet Rob Patchett (Global Brand Ambassador) and discover another distillery being built on site and discover more about this English Single malt gem!

Lets raise a glass to the passing of The Queen and another for King Charles III.  Slainte`

The 2 Gordons start the new series with a trip to Islay.  Hear from  Distillery Manager David Turner of Bowmore, Laphroaig Distillery Manager, Barry MacAffer,  Bruichladdich Distillery Manager Alan Logan AND The Islay Boys - Mackay Smith and Donald McKenzie who talk exclusively about the plans for Islay's newest distillery.  Mikey Sim of Smokehead joins in on the action too.  Best enjoyed with a dram! 

It's a double length Summer Special as the 2 Gordons get the very latest from RosebankManager Malcolm Rennie.  Mikey Sim of Smokehead plays Whose Booze Is It Anyway.  Global Brand Ambassador Jamie Morrison talks about working for the wonderful Glenturret Distillery and we hear from Master of the Quaich, Bernhard Schäfer about The Highland Circle Whisky Club, Germany's oldest.  Plus there's room for, You Have Arrived at Your Whisky Destination, Whisky News and the Great Debate - Is Whisky A Summer Drink?  The 2 Gordons are taking a break over July 22 and will be back late Aug 22 with series 6.  Slainte`



S5 Episode 6 - Becky Paskin in conversation with Gordon Dundas.  The Campbeltown Festival, her online tasting business, as well as inclusivity in the world of whisky are just some of the topics discussed!  The 2 Gordon’s engage in the ‘You Have Arrived at Your Whisky Destination’ challenge.  The A-Z’s of whisky people is on the letter ‘C’. Whiskies tasted include The Benriach 12 and Glen Grant 10.  Best enjoyed with a dram or two!  Slainte. 

The 2 Gordon’s invite you on the road with a special episode which sees our Whisky Ambassadors in London, Chicago, New York and Wishaw.  Thanks to Hollywood legend William H Macy as well as Gordon and MacPhail’s Richard Urquhart, Neil Mathieson of Torabhaig Distillery, Whisky Magazine’s Christopher Coates, The Artisan’s Derek MatherMike Miller of Delilah’s bar in Chicago, Andi Ryan and Nicole Gilbert of J Rieger’s and former Master of Scotch, Marty Duffy of Glencairn.  We hope you enjoy joining us on our travels.  Slainte`

Join the 2 Gordons as they bring you a flavour of The 2022 Spirit of Speyside Festival while working at Tamdhu celebrating the release of the new 18year old, their 125th anniversary and their 10th anniversary under Ian Macleod's ownership.  Susan Colville from Benromach, Douglas Cook of Brown-Forman, James Robertson of Brindisa, Alistair Mateer @Spiritandwood, and of course Sandy McIntyre and several others join us for an out-and-about special as the eyes of the whisky world fall on Speyside.  Slainte`

There's a plethora of voices from the whisky world including the distilleries of Arran, Boann, Loch Lomond, Penderyn, and Tomatin as well as some wonderful people from around the Birmingham area; Loki Wines and Spirits, The Physician Bar as well as Decanter Spirits in Bromsgrove.  The 2 Gordons have time for the Whisky Trippin' challenge and cast forward to the whisky events happening in April 2022.  All best enjoyed with a dram!  Slainte`

There's a special report from the Camelon street outside Rosebank Distillery on the day the Stills arrive.  The 2 Gordon's look at some of the women who have shaped whisky on International Women's Day.  There's 2 new challenges in the form of Whisky Trippin' and Whiskle.  Drams tasted are the Highland Park 25 and a Teeling 13 year old single grain red wine finish.  Whisky lovers of the world unite!  Slainte`.

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