It's a show of two extremes as the 2 Gordon's celebrate the release of Glengoyne's oldest ever Expression - the 50 year old! Meanwhile, Alex Bruce of Adelphi fame talks about opening one of Scotland's newest distilleries, Ardmamurchan. There's time for the A-Z's of Scotch Whisky which this week is on the letter R. Enjoy with a dram or a dog walk!

It is an American special with elections and Thanksgiving in the month of November and we delve into whiskey from across the pond.
We are joined by Preston Van Winkle of the legendary Bourbon brand Pappy Van Winkle The Van Winkle brand is arguably the most prestigious and sought after in the world and we are delighted Preston took time out to join us!
This was all the excuse the 2 Gordon’s needed to delve into the wonderful and plentiful world of American whisky.
Episode 8. Euan Mitchell of Isle of Arran Distillers, the American Election & International Sherry Week! These are just some of the areas the 2 Gordons tackle in their own inimitable way as they also take on the A-Z of Scotch Whisky with the letter Q, a game of Top Trumps (no pun intended), and round-up all the whisky news. All this while drinking a Rosebank 30 and a Finnish Rye Whisky. Original, informative and fun, enjoy!

The 2 Gordon’s get a Rosebank exclusive from Brand Manager Katy Muggeridge about the hotly anticipated global release of the Rosebank 30.  The 7 Wonders of the Whisky World is the challenge this week and in the regular feature The Insider’s Guide we hear from 3 Glengoyne Distillery Ambassadors, Ellen, Vivienne and Laura about what the job entails and the current challenges they face.  All best enjoyed with a dram!  Slainthe`

The 2 Gordons return with Episode 6 focusing on one subject which is rare for an episode as regular listeners will point out. We uncover the world of Independent Bottlers. Somewhat confusing to some, a source of gems to others. We interview Mark and Kate Watt who setup their own business earlier in the year, Watt Whisky. We look at the challenges, logistics and steps needed to setup the structure and then understand the process for obtaining the casks to then bottle your own whisky.


Joanna Lumley pops up for a quick interview on Whisky Unscripted.  Jason McCabe, Glengoyne Stillman, talks about his recent marriage which went viral after Nicola Sturgeon retweeted a photo of his bride in Glasgow.  Speaking from Barcelona, Diego Borras talks sherry and Tatsuya Minagawa of Highlander Inn fame talks about his journey from Japan to Speyside.  A-Z's are on 'P', and tastings this week are of The Glengoyne Legacy Chapter 2 and the new Glengoyne Cask Strength Batch Number 8.  It's the best 1 hour and 6 minutes you can spend without actually spending!   Slainthe!

In S2Ep4 Gordon Dallas has a go at transforming Global Brand Ambassador Gordon Dundas into a Global Whisky Rap Legend...mmmm?

Fred MacAulay and Andy Nicol talk about the CHAS fundraiser this October,  Scott Adamson of Tomatin is our guest chatting

about all aspects of the whisky trade past and present while the A-Z's of Scotch Whisky hit 'O'.  Tastings - North British Single

Grain and an Ardmore.  Enjoy!

In an ever-confusing world wouldn’t it be reassuring if there was a podcast where the only topic of conversation was Whisky and where the hosts talked and drank nothing else? 

Welcome to Whisky Unscripted and in this one-hour episode, Whisky Ambassadors, Gordon Dundas and Gordon Dallas talk to Karen Cornfield from Ian Macleod Distillers and she lifts the lid on how Glengoyne is adapting to life after lockdown.  Diane Alton the high-profile Events Manager at the charity CHAS talks about raising funds with whisky tastings (involving one of the Gordons, Fred MacAuley and rugby legend Andy Nicol).  Meanwhile the A-Z’s hit the tricky letter ‘N’ and Gordon Dundas’s ‘Listillery’ breaks down the best tips for a whisky road trip in Scotland.


This week there is a Whisky Tourism theme with an interview with Susan Morrison, the Chair of ASVA (Association of Scottish Visitor Attractions), who also is the Chief Executive of The Scottish Whisky Experience.  Dundas and Dallas tackle the letter M on  the A-Z's of Scotch Whisky while tasting a Tamdhu Single Cask and a Bladnoch 10.  It's wall to wall whisky chat and that's the way we like it.  Slainthe.

The 2 Gordons return with a second series of the whisky show that is for everyone regardless of their level of knowledge.  The first episode is a taster of what’s to come with chat ranging from the madness of American trade tariffs to cask finishing…. How long is that? We look at latest whisky movie to land on Amazon Prime Video, Scotch: The Golden Dram featuring Glengoyne’s distillery manager, Robbie Hughes amongst other industry heavyweights.  ‘Listillery’ is the new feature unveiled in the show and we even discuss how to get the best out of your visit to a specialist Whisky store. Good to be back, enjoy!

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